Solo exhibition: A. J. Becker

Save the date: the exhibition will open with a festive vernissage, electronic music acts, and an amicable get together on Friday, September 9.

The creative power of Duisburg-based artist A. J. Becker feeds on its vagueness. If desired, one could emphasize the artist’s background: a precarious milieu, the absence of a university degree or education in fine arts, entirely in keeping with Beuys‘ fundamental conviction that every human being is receptive to beauty. But behind these idealizations, the infrastructural truths of the current art business infamously persist.

Becker’s practice encompasses painting with often sculptural inscriptions, operating between colour-rich landscapes and figurative expressions. For their exhibition in Berlin, the artist has created twelve new acrylic paintings on various materials that showcase their characteristic illusory, almost hallucinogenic palette and voluptuous abstract forms. They present a firm unwillingness to express oneself with the motives that are given. On one hand because these given images are not sufficient to describe their feelings, on the other hand because one does not want to subject one’s own emotional self to the directives of already existing discourses.